A Message about COVID-19

Hey everybody. Obviously we’re going to continue postponing/cancelling shows for the time being. We don’t know what the time-frame is going to be, so for now we’re going to call off the Monday night open mics and Wootenanny presents, and the Sort of Late Show on 3/21.

We still want to try and do some fun stuff though, so we’re going to attempt some streaming/online workarounds as much as possible. The first of those being tomorrow’s open mic, which we’re going to (try!) to host on Zoom. It’s a videoconferencing app, you can use it on your phone or desktop, and you just need a gmail account to login to it. We’ll post more details on the event page though.

The other thing we wanted to talk about, and the true reason it sucks so bad to cancel shows, is that it’s going to have a direct negative impact on Nick’s; and especially Sean and Chip as bartenders. We truly don’t feel like we have a choice, because the idea of gathering a larger group of people into the Cabaret for an extended period of time when none of know whether or not we have corona is just a bad one. Especially considering that we KNOW some of you cretins still aren’t washing your hands. But Nick’s is still open, so consider popping in there sometime and grabbing one (1) soda and leaving a huge tip. Alternatively, we’d ask you tomorrow night during the mic to throw in some money into the virtual tip jar that we can pass along, to make up for the absence of the show. Again we’ll give you more details, but for now start a Venmo if you’re old, download Zoom if you never have, and get ready to see what about 5 feet of Bill James’ apartment looks like!



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